News for 2018

Date News Brief
2018/03/31 Paper “Learning Optimal Decision Trees with SAT” accepted at IJCAI'2018 (CORE A*)
2018/04/06 Invited Paper “Computing with SAT Oracles: Past, Present & Future” accepted at CiE'2018 (CORE C)
2018/03/31 Paper “A SAT-Based Approach to Learn Explainable Decision Sets” accepted at IJCAR'2018 (CORE A*)
2018/03/31 Paper “PySAT: A Python Toolkit for Prototyping with SAT Oracles” accepted at SAT'2018 (CORE A)
2017/11/08 Paper “MaxSAT Resolution with the Dual Rail Encoding” accepted at AAAI'2018 (CORE A*)
2017/11/08 Paper “Premise Set Caching for Enumerating Minimal Correction Subsets” accepted at AAAI'2018 (CORE A*)
2017/11/08 Paper “On Cryptographic Attacks Using Backdoors for SAT” accepted at AAAI'2018 (CORE A*)