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This page is the root of Reason Lab wiki. The wiki provides a glimpse of our team's work on automated reasoning technologies, at the intersection of computational logic, formal methods and artificial intelligence. More information is available from our mission statement.

Recent News

Date News Brief
2019/04/22 Paper “Assessing Heuristic Machine Learning Explanations with Model Counting” accepted at SAT 2019 (CORE A)
2019/04/22 Paper “DRMaxSAT with MaxHS: First Contact” accepted at SAT 2019 (CORE A)
2019/04/22 Paper “On Computing the Union of MUSes” accepted at SAT 2019 (CORE A)
2018/12/16 Paper “Efficient Symmetry Breaking for SAT-based Minimum DFA Inference” accepted at LATA 2019 (CORE C)
2018/10/31 Paper “Abduction-Based Explanations for Machine Learning Models” accepted at AAAI 2019 (CORE A*)
2018/10/19 Paper “Formally Verifying the Solution to the Boolean Pythagorean Triples Problem,” accepted at Journal of Automated Reasoning (CORE A)
2018/07/04 The Reason Lab's RC2 MaxSAT solver received two medals at the FLoC 2018Olympic Games.
2018/04/16 Paper “Learning Optimal Decision Trees with SAT” accepted at IJCAI'2018 (CORE A*)
2018/03/31 Paper “A SAT-Based Approach to Learn Explainable Decision Sets” accepted at IJCAR'2018 (CORE A*)