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 ==== Description ==== ==== Description ====
-PySAT toolkit provides ​simple Python API to the most popular modern Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solvers and cardinality constraints and aims at facilitating practical SAT-based ​problem solving using the power of state of the art in SAT. +The RC2 solver implements ​core-guided MaxSAT algorithm ​based on //relaxable cardinality constraints//​The solver ​is implemented in Python as a part of the [[https://​pysathq.github.io/​|PySAT framework]] publicly available online. Despite being prototyped in Python, RC2 was ranked first in the two complete categories of the [[https://​maxsat-evaluations.github.io/​2018/​|MaxSAT Evaluation 2018]].
- +
-==== Distribution ==== +
- +
-PySAT is publicly available at [[https://​pysathq.github.io/​|pysathq.github.io]].+
 ==== Authors ==== ==== Authors ====