Hyper / Hyper* - Implicit Hitting Set solvers for Propositional Abduction


Hyper and Hyper* are software systems designed for solving Propositional Abduction problems. These are solvers based on the technology of Implicit Hitting Set.
A full description of the solvers can be found in the paper "Propositional Abduction with Implicit Hitting Sets", A. Ignatiev, A. Morgado, J. Marques-Silva, pages 1327-1335 (DOI 10.3233/978-1-61499-672-9-1327) Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, volume 285, ECAI 2016.


Binaries can be downloaded from here:

* Linux
* OS X

In order to run the Hyper* configuration with the file “instance.abd” use the following command:

$ hyper -b maxsat -d –bnum 100 -r 0.2 –trim 5 instance.abd


Recent publications describing the algorithms implemented include:


A set of benchmarks (as well as a description of the input format) can be obtained from the webpage of the AbHS solver.

The instances we created for experimental results can be downloaded from here:

* Family P1
* Family P2



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